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The mission of Glycan Decontamination is to implement various patented physicochemical processes based on plasma-TERMINATORR-HYDROPOOL technologies. These technologies are applicable in many industrial chemical or hazardous pollutant sectors on Earth but also will be applicable in the Space Colonization of our solar system and beyond.


The HELIOTORR mission is to deploy in the atmospheric space and / or stratospheric Earth or Extraterrestrial gears supported(inflated) by gases (Helium-Hydrogen ..) The interventions of these machines are numerous and fast and do not require sophisticated technologies to be implemented.


The GLYCAN ENERGIES mission was primarily designed to provide energy needs in desert and / or inhospitable regions on Earth or in the context of the Spatial Colonization. The patented MOTORR process uses plasma technologies The process can be coupled to hybrid generators( patent writing), as a hybrid power source for MOTORR stations, the process does not require fuels of solid or liquid organic origin.