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MOTORR, the energy of the future and the stars… That Men will create in deserts on Earth and in the Solar system, on planets or their moons, the source of energy for space colonization.

Please note that the project is patent pending and therefore the dissemination of the details is unavailable.

The MOTORR project is an avant-gardist High-Tech energy program based on high temperature plasma technology. It will allow considerable sources of energy in the next decades and will be coupled to natural energies. The MOTORR project will change our planet. The MOTORR project will need important efforts in Research & Development in order to be integrated into the Energy Network of our planet.

Presently, the main part of our industrial and domestic energy resources result from fossil energies (black carbon and oil). They represent about 83 % to 90% of the total energy produced.

Thus, a small and, for the moment, insignificant part of these energy resources come from nuclear plants. Indeed, nuclear plants – on a worldwide basis – represent only 10 % to 15 % of the total energy produced.

On a worldwide basis, the energy production via solar energy is negligible.

The fossil energies – including the new bio-fuels – produce all very high amounts of carbon dioxides (CO2 – CO) and other dangerous molecules.

Indeed, the carbon combustion chains (aliphatic and aromatic chains), generate invariably molecule compounds such as CO2 (Carbon dioxide), CO (Carbon mono-oxide), C (Carbon), O3 (Ozone), NxOy (Nitrogen Compounds) – SxOy. The O3 (Ozone) production through fossil energy is considerably damaging our lower atmosphere and is more and more damaging to cellular viability also seen as a direct consequence devastating increases in respiratory pathologies, mainly in the large cities and industrialized countries where pollution becomes more and more concentrated.

We know now from reports of scientific experts that the CO2 production by conventional motors (petrol and gasoline) will lead in the near future to an increase in temperature but also to a considerable decrease in the O3 (Ozone) layer in the ionosphere which protect us from the negative radioactive effects from the sun, mainly the UV solar radiations. These UV radiations are very similar to gamma rays and have therefore fatal effects on our biology since they generate carcinogenesis and mutagenesis effects on our DNA, this has been demonstrated in the scientific experiments conducted at ISS International Spatial Station.

Current industrial activities which are proportional to the demography generate therefore more and more pollution and wreak havoc our vital bio-eco-system.

It appears that all planetary elements are involved and concerned by this phenomenon – continents, seas, oceans, lakes, rivers, South and North Pole, atmosphere. The consequences are quite clear and our civilization must now choose and find new technologies to create new energies.

As a matter of fact, our planet can be compared to a closed environment where the circulation and mobility of natural elements is obeying to logical laws of physics and chemistry. It is therefore logical to understand that if in a closed environment one area is contaminated, the other areas will also be touched. Therefore, if one area of our planet is touched by pollution, the other areas will invariably be polluted, either immediately or at a later date.

In several decades, humanity will be faced with important decisions concerning its survival because the entropy* of the Earth system is badly and dangerously engaged.

* ” The term of entropy develops a simple law, i.e. every energetical system, ( including human beings, systems, technologies, planets etc.) develops a minimum entropy when it has used little energy and it is ruled by a maximum entropy when it has used up most of its energy. When all energy is used up, the system disappears. The MOTORRTERMINATORR and HYDROPOOL missions are able to generate contrary forces and will prevent the natural entropy of the system, i.e. they will favor the negentropy.”

The MOTORR procedure can begin its interesting and harmonious use in the production of energy systems, for example in power electricity plants, electrochemistry plants, concrete plants. It can also be applied in the TERMINATORR and HYDROPOOL industry where electricity is needed.

The MOTORR process will also be applied in embarked systems such as trains, boats, ships, spatial stations or future undersea stations (Japan).


  • The miniaturization applications of the MOTORR process for vehicles, such as cars and trucks will be for the future.
  • Immediately, it seems possible to adapt fuel cells, hydrogen and hybrid motors to the energetic transition.
  • The MOTORR process is using a non polluting source of thermal energy

With the MOTORR process there are absolutely no production of hazardous molecules or wastes that might be rejected in the air, and there is no damage caused to our bio-environment.

The research of Prof. Dr Christian D. Assoun in High Temperature Plasma Chemistry has lead to this invention.

The MOTORR process can be developed and applied in all countries (hot or cold temperatures) and everywhere on the planet, even in difficult attainable places : i.e. on its surface, under the seas, on top of the mountains, in the deserts. The MOTORR system can be installed as fixed plants or on moving methods (boats, trains….).

The MOTORR utility in terms of energy and in the energy network is comparable to the utility of the TERMINATORR and HYDROPOOL procedures as far as waste remediation is concerned.

In addition, utilizing the MOTORR procedures will fight durably against pollution.

The invention of the MOTORR system is of general interest worldwide and can be considered to be of international magnitude.